Sugarloaf Leadlight Studio Repair & Restoration

Repair & Restoration
Retaining as much of the original glass as possible, we replace, re-lead and rebuild panels. Etched, stained deforms, bullion, patterned and textured glasses are all matched or remade to match the original window or panel.

Over the years Sugarloaf has restored many windows, and we understand the importance of matching textures and colours. It is also important to retain as much of the old glass as possible – for even clear glass is very different today.

Depending on how bad the window has become, we can replace one piece of glass or rebuild the whole window. In the latter case, the panel is removed from the frame and taken apart in much the same way a jigsaw is undone. The glass is cleaned removing all the  old putty and years of dirt and grime, any broken or lose glass is sourced and cut to shape then the window is reassembled in the same matter in which they have been built for hundreds of years.  Finally it is reinstalled in the frame, to face the challenges of survival for another hundred years or so.

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